No, you are not required to register for anything on the CollegeDegree.Education website. However, if you find a college program or several college programs that match your interests, and you wish to be contacted by an enrollment counselor (by phone, email, and/or postal mail), you will need to provide some basic information about yourself. When you submit your information request, you must also agree that CollegeDegree.Education may contact you with follow-up notices and advice.

If you decide you are no longer interested in receiving updates and college information, you may opt out of CollegeDegree.Education’s emails at any time. If you decide you do not wish to be contacted by the college(s) you selected, you must contact the college(s) directly, and ask to be removed from any contact lists. CollegeDegree.Education cannot retract information that has already been submitted to sponsoring schools, and CollegeDegree.Education cannot make opt-out requests on your behalf.