Many online regionally accredited universities and colleges have grown in popularity over the last few decades. These schools offer an open enrollment period during which students can sign up for online degree programs. They also provide credits (or grades) for military and professional experience and allow students to study independently without any external influence. Depending on the university, students can pursue associate, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral (Ph.D.) degree programs, and professional certification and diplomas. 

Whether you want to enroll in a program for the first time or complete the degree you started years ago, this roadmap to online colleges will help you navigate your options. Some of these colleges are online extensions of government and private universities, such as Massachusetts University and the University of Cornell, while others are entirely online. All these online colleges are regionally accredited, the most common type of certification in the United States. 

AIU Online

American InterContinental University (or AIU) is a regionally accredited online college that operates six campuses in the USA and abroad. Its remote branch, also called AIU online, provides accelerated master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degrees. 

AT Still University of Health Sciences (ATSUHS) Online

ATSU has established its online program because of the practical implications of healthcare disciplines for college graduates. Distance education depends on a quarter system, allowing students to earn a master’s degree in 1.5 years (at a pace of two sessions per quarter) at Still’s Arizona University of Health Sciences. 

Baker College Online

Baker College advertises itself as a career-focused school. While the college’s Blackboard system is open 24 hours a day for pupils to discuss content, listen to lectures, and complete assignments, the college sets regular deadlines for pupils to submit their work.

Bellevue University Online

Bellevue University (BU) provides online access to liberal arts and career-focused programs throughout the year. Students can discuss lessons, take classes, and complete research at their own pace while earning a degree in a specific time frame (typically four years for bachelor’s and two years for master’s degree). 

Benedictine University Online

Benedictine University, founded in 1887 as Chicago’s St. Procopius College, is now a diverse academic institution in Lisle, Illinois. The online division offers graduate degrees to those students who are serious about their future goals, so the admissions requirements and tuition fees are pretty high.  

Boston University Online

While studying at Boston University, students can complete coursework at their own pace as long as they stick to the schedule designed to keep them on track. Diligent students can also take two courses each semester, one after the other.

Bryant & Stratton College

Bryant and Stratton College, a career-focused college, has distilled over 150 years of professional experience into its virtual educational system. Moreover, students use TopClass software to explore the seven-week classes, which are all held in a virtual classroom. 

Champlain College Online

Though Champlain College Online promotes the flexibility of its career-based online education, the college requires students to devote 12 to 13 hours per week to complete their classes and projects. Online-learning courses are spread over 5 to 6 sessions per year.

California University of Pennsylvania Online

In 2004, the California University of Pennsylvania established its online campus called Global Online. The university offers two undergraduate programs and a wide range of online master’s degrees and certifications.

Capella University Online 

Capella Institution is one of the largest profit-based online learning colleges offering over 100 online degree programs. It is worth mentioning that more than 20,000 students enrolled in this university. Students may also have the opportunity to transfer credit from previous college courses and certification programs. 

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) Online

Eastern Kentucky University offers certificate and degree programs in almost two dozen subjects, including homeland security. USA News and World Report named EKU in 2018 as one of the best online bachelor’s degree programs. 

Charter Oak State College 

Oak State College is a for-profit institution. It is one of the “three big” non-traditional schools that offer flexible degree completion options. CharterOak college allows students to earn personalized degrees by transferring certificates from regionally accredited colleges, taking exams, demonstrating life experience, and enrolling in online courses.

Cambridge University Online

Blended distance learning contributes to Cambridge College’s mission of reaching out to professionals and working adults. The school has small campuses in Massachusetts, California, and Puerto Rico, and it offers both online and on-campus courses. 

Fielding Graduate University Online

FGU (Fielding Graduate University) is a private university located in the United States. Fielding Graduate University aims to persuade professionals in mid-career to join their master’s and Ph.D. programs in human and organizational development, psychology, and educational administration and change.

Franklin University Online

Franklin offers a wide range of undergraduate majors in practical fields such as business and computer science and a master’s degree in business. Classes are available for durations ranging from 15 weeks to three weeks. 

Colorado Institute of Technology Online

Colorado Technical University Online is a private, profit-based college launched in 1965 to provide career-oriented education. Moreover, pupils are encouraged to participate in live lectures that include online student discussions. They can also access recorded lessons and online class projects for future use. 

Gonzaga University Online

Students who can handle two three-credit courses per semester at Gonzaga University Online can make steady progress toward a highly acclaimed master’s degree. This university only offers bachelor’s degree programs in five fields, including theology and nursing.

Graceland University Online Global Campus

Graceland University opened its virtual global campus in 2005, and it has quickly grown to become the school’s most popular learning platform. They offer online degrees in business administration, medical care, and education. 

Herzing College Online

Herzing Institution has made a solid commitment to distance education, offering nearly two dozen undergraduate degrees and a limited number of master’s degrees in MBA or business administration. In 2018, US News and World Report ranked its graduate degree program as one of the best in the country.

Iowa Central College Online

Iowa Central is a two-year college that focuses on preparing students for employment and provides the basis for a bachelor’s degree. This university offers associate degrees in seven different fields, and students can enroll in any one of them.

DeVry College Online

They offer courses designed and taught by industry experts to help pupils improve their job prospects. DeVry also provides an opportunity to transfer up to 80 credit hours from other qualifying institutions. Bachelor’s and associate’s degrees and certifications are available in 20 areas of study. 

Drexel University Online

Drexel Online is a division of Drexel University, a well-known private university in Pennsylvania. Its virtual programs are geared primarily toward working professionals.

Keiser University e-Campus Online  

Keiser University’s online courses are designed for students who want to transfer their degrees into better jobs in the workforce. Approximately two dozen bachelor’s and associate degrees, plus three graduate programs, are available online. They’re focused on high-demanding industries such as computers, medical care, and business.

ECornell Study Programs

ECornell is a Cornell university subsidiary that offers courses in various business fields such as human resources, management, hospitality, and finance.

Fort Hays State University Online

University of Fort Hays Virtual College is a branch of Kansas State University. While this implies that the schedules and programs are more traditional, it also means that tuition fee is less expensive than many of its competitors. Both graduate and undergraduate programs are available.

Marist College Online

Marist College’s online programs primarily focused on master’s degrees and undergraduate degree completion. The school’s eCourses are available to qualified students all over the world.

George Washington University 

George Washington University’s online learning program is a small part of this well-established private university. The online program focuses on its diverse range of graduate and certificate health science programs, including MBA and healthcare. 

Kaplan University Online

Students can transfer credit from previous coursework to Kaplan and get a certificate for professional work or military services. Pupils can also take tests and exams to be eligible for academic credit. The university offers bachelor’s, master’s, associate’s, and doctoral degrees and certificate programs in over 100 fields of study. In addition, Kaplan offers new candidates a three-week probation period when they register. 

National American University (or NAU)

National American University’s diverse curriculum and inclusive admissions standards make it a welcoming environment for most students. Participants must complete their work within the eight- and eleven-week courses. Courses are available both in-person and online in almost 20 cities.

New England College Online

New England College is a small liberal arts college with an open admissions policy that has integrated distance learning into most of its online programs. Its solely online format is geared primarily toward graduate students who are also working professionals.

Norwich University Online Courses

Norwich University’s online bachelor’s programs place a strong emphasis on fast-paced peer interaction. Students can expect to complete their master’s degree in 18 to 24 months if they take one six-credit seminar every 11 weeks. 

Rasmussen College for Online Learning

Rasmussen College Online tailors its curriculum to the working world, providing a broad range of associate degrees and select options for graduate degrees. Certificates and degrees are available in seven areas of study. 

Saint Leo University Online

Many Saint Leo’s master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degree programs primarily focus on professional development. Students can study remotely or at one of over 40 locations worldwide. 

National University Online

National University is a non-profit, private educational institution that provides dozens of online courses in addition to classes taught on its California campuses. University graduates with five years (or more) of work experience are encouraged to apply for National University’s programs.

Tiffin University Online

TU (Tiffin University) is an Ohio-based online university. Tiffin University welcomes scholars, first-year students, and established adults. Its department of business administration, arts, and sciences, social sciences, and criminal justice can provide degree opportunities for e-learners at the masters and associate levels. 

Tulane University Online

A master’s degree in business administration outlines Tulane University’s online learning options. Distance learners receive online classes from the same instructors who teach at Tulane’s Freeman School of Business, which is listed among the best business colleges in the country by USA News and World Report. 

University of Cincinnati (UC) Online

The University of Cincinnati established its online learning programs in 1984 and now offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and online certificates. In 2018, the USA News and World Report ranked it as one of the best online bachelor’s programs across the country.

Northcentral University Online

Northcentral students collaborate with a professor to complete coursework around their preferred schedules because there are no set class times. Students can pursue graduate, MPhil, and Ph.D. degrees and educational certificates in more than 40 fields. Also, students can transfer nearly 60 credits from their previous accredited colleges.

The New School Online

The New School is a well-known university that emphasizes creativity and social equity. Online courses are available at the New School for Public Engagement and the Parsons School of Design. 

Villanova University Online

Villanova university online provides professional certificates for undergraduate and graduates degrees. Areas of study include business, law, nursing, liberal arts, engineering, and engineering.

Online Winston-Salem State University 

This university often combines distance education with other modes of instruction. Nonetheless, transfer students from North Carolina can complete a multipurpose graduate degree entirely online. Online master’s degrees in medical care are also available, some with clinical requirements. 

Azusa Pacific University Online

Azusa Pacific University is a well-known California college that offers accredited online certificates, master’s degrees, and bachelor’s degree completion programs. Degrees can be obtained online or through in-person and online hybrid learning.

Thomas Edison State University

TESC is one of the “three big” colleges that allow students to quickly transfer previously earned grades, receive credit through exams, or earn grades for life experience. Courses are offered online or through self-study.  

University of Massachusetts (US) Online Learning

The University of Massachusetts provides virtual degree programs from well-known and respected traditional colleges. Note that students can sign up for online courses from UMass campuses in Amherst, Dartmouth, Boston, Worcester, and Lowell.

Western Governors University (WGU)

It is essential to know that governors of nineteen western states established Western Governors University. Unlike most universities, Western Governors University (WGU) has no academic or course requirements. Instead, students demonstrate their comprehension through writing projects and exams.

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