Life isn’t easy for anyone, but useful hacks bring much ease to our daily lives. Whether you are a school, college, university student, or living in a hostel, you should know some easy and quick ways to get your work done efficiently. Read this blog till the end to learn about the top 9 student life hacks you need to know. Once you start using these life hacks in your daily life, there’s no way you’re going back to living a messy life. 

You don’t learn such life hacks in your academic books as a student. You discover them while experiencing new things and finding solutions to the problems. Don’t forget to share these mind-blowing hacks with your family and friends to blow their minds. 

Below are the 9 student hacks you need to know to live a smooth and productive life. 

1. Plan out a Budget 

Let’s start with the primary thing that seems typical but has an incredible value when living as a student, money. If you master managing your budget, then there is no way that you will run out of money by the end of a month. For this purpose, you can use online budgeting calculators. Nowadays, the app market is flooded with apps that help you manage your finances effortlessly. It is better to cut off things that are expensive or useless. It will save money and keep your bank account filled. 

2. Make a Schedule 

One of the efficient homework hacks is to plan or schedule your tasks. Make a study plan that relieves exams or other stress and completes the entire course right at the time. This way, you can get good grades and perform well in school. 

3. Student-friendly Kitchen Hacks 

Having basic kitchen skills like cooking from scratch and following kitchen tips are enough college life hacks for you. When you’re living in a hostel, it’s beneficial to batch cook as it’s both money and time-saving. You may need another college hack when the queue for the microwave is too long. Microwave two meals together by putting one on top of your coffee mug along with your main meal. 

Multitasking is the way to make your life easier. 

4. Earn money 

Have you decided that it’s impossible to earn along with studying because of societal standards? You’re wrong! Change your mindset because earning money is the REAL life hack for college and students. There are many jobs that help you make money. Identify your area of interest and skill and find a job that provides you with sufficient pocket money. 

5. Wake up early 

Waking up on time is a big challenge for many students. For this reason, you must try our favorite student hack. Set up your alarm and put your phone somewhere far from you. It will make the alarm ring even louder and help you wake up. 

And if you feel tired after waking up, drink water. You’re tired because you’re dehydrated. 

6. Make new friends & pick up a new skill 

Retaining knowledge is a crucial part of academic life that can be overwhelming sometimes. That’s why to keep your creativity alive, pick up new skills and take part in different societies at your school or university. Picking up a new skill comes with various benefits. You get to meet new people and make friends most of the time. 

So, start a course that interests you and make new friends with similar interests. 

7. Set up alarms 

If you’re a BIG procrastinator, make sure to set tons of alarms when you need to get things done. Start setting alarms for every little thing so that you don’t leave it for “later.” For example, if you have to complete two assignments in an hour, divide the time according to their degree and set up alarms. It will stop you from continuously checking your phone, and you’ll become habitual of doing work on time. 

This hack doesn’t apply to homework only. You can divide time and set alarms for cooking, cleaning, sleeping, gym, or chill time. 

8. Keep your closet organized 

An unorganized closet makes your life even more complicated. When you’re running out of wardrobe storage, use the tabs of cold drink cans to multiply the number of hangers. Placing your jeans and t-shirts vertically in drawers also saves storage. 

Use empty jars and containers as organizers. You can keep your stationery organized very well in this way. 

9. Use sticky notes 

Using sticky notes is a life-saving hack for school and university students. When taking class, students write main points on sticky notes and put them on books, study tables, walls, etc., so they can look back at them again when needed. In addition, stocky sites serve as effective to-do organizers. When you need the motivation to do work, write a motivational quote and place it in your workspace. So that whenever you catch a glance, you get motivated.

James Morgan