The United States of America never disappoints when providing the best healthcare courses worldwide. As time passes, the USA becomes more popular for offering excellent courses, and many international students dream of working in healthcare fields in the states. Further, the variety of healthcare courses allows students to gain knowledge in their respective interests. Let’s look into the healthcare courses in the USA for international students. 

Top 3 healthcare courses in the USA 

Here are the best healthcare courses that guarantee a rewarding livelihood both in terms of salary and respect: 

According to market trends, nursing jobs have increasing demands in the US healthcare system. Besides, it’s an honorable profession that gives a handsome salary. 

Nursing Schools in America offer the much-needed Masters in Nursing Science programs. Such MSN programs aspire to enhance your medical skills along with legal concerns, ethical practices, etc. Through the MSN program, you can specialize in the following disciplines: 

  • Psychiatric 
  • Midwifery 
  • Nurse educator 
  • Pediatric nurse practitioner 
  • Family nurse practitioner 

Additionally, this course may take around 18 months to 3 years to finish, and the cost varies from 35-60k USD. 

What are the institutions to study Nursing in the USA? 

  • University of Washington 
  • University of South Florida 
  • Emory University
  • University of California, San Francisco 


Following are the requirements to be eligible for the MSN program: 

  • A bachelor’s degree in nursing 
  • Registered as a nurse and work experience of a year as a full-time nurse 
  • 7.0+ IELTS score 
  • Letter of recommendation and the statement of purpose 

Course pattern 

Your MSN syllabus will consist of both theory and real-life clinical experience. The difficulty level will depend on the discipline you are choosing for specialization. Moreover, by the end of your course, you will better your nursing skills along with prescriptive knowledge, diagnostic procedure, etc. 

What are the career choices after MSN? 

After your Masters in Nursing Science program, if you wish to get another degree, it would be best to pursue a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. This degree focuses on evidence-based practices and understanding the operation of the healthcare systems. 

After your MSN, you can also pursue a career in the healthcare system or switch to teaching. 

1. Public health 

Various institutions in the USA offer courses on Public Health to international students. Additionally, Public Health primarily focuses on factors like environmental, political, social, economic, etc., that affect the general public’s health. 

This program is nearly 1-2 years long and costs about 30-60k USD. 

What are the top Public Health courses in the USA? 

  • Northern Illinois University, Master of Public Health
  • University of Pennsylvania, Master of Public Health
  • Boston University, Master of Public Health


  • A bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 3.0 GPA 
  • GRE may or may not be required 
  • Minimum 7.0 score in IELTS 
  • Statement of reason and recommendation letter 
  • Previous work experience is appreciated 

Course Pattern 

The curriculum will be a combination of fundamental courses along with your elective courses. Some of the fundamentals are below: 

  • Quantitative methods for public health 
  • Health systems, laws, and policy 
  • Problem and issues in environmental health 
  • Biostatistics in public health 

Moreover, Your MPH course includes a thesis. It will be beneficial in research when stepping into your practical life. You can also practically learn working with local, national, or international platforms regarding Public Health. 

Further, this course will polish your leadership skills and develop effective teamwork and critical thinking skills. 

What are the career options after the Public Health course? 

There are a handful of possible career options after an MPH degree, including working as an employee in an organization to better public health. Besides, you can also work as a policy-maker at the national or even international level. 


One of the widely known healthcare courses in the USA for international students is Nutrition. Therefore, with the changing lifestyles, nutritionists and dietitians are in need around the globe. Your nutrition course also offers knowledge in various disciplines, including biochemistry, food science, psychology, etc. In addition, your electives depend on the university you choose. 

Master’s in Nutrition is more expensive than graduate certificate plans and is relatively longer. Thus, it takes about 1-2 years and costs around 30-40k USD. 

Universities offering the best Nutrition courses in the USA 

Here is a list of the best Nutrition courses in the USA: 

  • Nutrition and Food Science (MS), Louisiana State University 
  • Nutritional Sciences (MS), University of Arizona 
  • Interdepartmental Nutrition (MS), Purdue University 


  • Bachelor’s degree in the related line 
  • Had biochemistry and physiology as subjects in the former course 
  • IELTS score over 6.0 
  • Recommendation letter 

Possible career options 

This program will make you capable enough to evaluate Nutrition, learn the relation between diet, diseases, and well-being. 

All in all, after completing this degree, you can apply as a dietitian or nutritionist. You can also pursue your Ph.D. degree after the Nutrition course’s completion. 

James Morgan