The USA is well-known for its excellence in academics all over the world. It provides top-notch master’s degrees to postgraduates in a wide range of specializations. You may know about the USA’s two-year master’s program well, but this country also delivers impressive and accelerated one-year master’s degree programs. It extensively helps postgraduates who want to quickly enter practical life, find a job, and set up a career. Such a program adds to their skills and value, which allows them to find their dream job within no time! Let’s learn how to get into a one year masters programs in the USA. 

Why choose the USA to study masters 

Doing a Master’s education in the U.S. is an incredible opportunity that one should never miss! It strengthens our work profile, enhancing your chances of landing an outstanding job. Here is a list of advantages that comes with studying masters in the USA: 

  • If you are a STEM major, you are more likely to receive a 17-month work visa and your M.S. in STEM courses. 
  • Earning a master’s degree in the USA betters your research and financing chances because the U.S. spends a hefty sum of money to improve this educational sector. 
  • Once you finish your M.S. Here, you can look for a teaching assistant (TA) or research assistant (RA) job. Working part-time as a T.A. allows you to earn nearly $500 – $1200 while R.A.s make about $1500 per month. 
  • Scholarship provided to M.S. students is around $10,000 for one year. 

How much does it cost for a one-year master’s program in the United States? 

The cost of your one-year master’s program in the USA is proportional to the location of your university. A University in the city costs twice the cost of a university in a rural area. Here is an average of the costs that public and private university demands: 

· Public State University: $35,000 to $45,000

· Private State University: $65,000 to $75,000

What are the required documents for One Year master in the USA

Applying for M.S. in the states is a long process, especially for international students. They have to provide a long list of documents to get into the university. Here is a list of essential required documents: 

  • Transcripts
  • CV 
  • Mark sheets 
  • SOP 
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • Financial statement 
  • Passport 

Are one-year accelerated master’s degrees difficult? 

These days, many accelerated one-year master’s programs are switching to online courses instead of in-person ones. However, such online courses have the same curriculum and structure. It gives working students a chance to keep their jobs while earning an M.S. degree.

The accelerated speed and academic pressure of a one-year Master’s program can be overwhelming for students. But good time management and planning create many opportunities for you to shine. Such a course usually comprises an eight or sixteen-week semester. 

Top 5 universities for one year masters programs in the USA 

We have listed down the top five universities of the U.S. that offers the best one-year master’s program: 

1. University of North Texas 

2. Arkansas State University 

3. Western Carolina University 

4. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 

5. The Permian Basin University of Texas 

A fast-track one year Master’s Program can be stressful and require extra attention, but it also has many plus points. Such programs are decent as a career kick-starter and add importance to your overall professional experience. In addition, you can also engage your leadership and skills through it. 

James Morgan