Harvard University, established in 1636, is one of the world’s top universities. It has a remarkable history of serving excellent academics for centuries. It explains why students from around the globe wish to attend Harvard for higher education. In this blog, we will answer how to get into Harvard University.

How to get into Harvard University; The right approach.

When it comes to Ivy league schools, Harvard University tops the list by providing exceptional academics that fit the U.S culture perfectly. It’s worth reflecting when you learn how difficult it is to get into Harvard. This elite university only accepts exclusive applicants with top-notch portfolios and shining academic backgrounds. Doesn’t this sound like a dream but, how do applicants get accepted in Harvard? Here are some strategic ways to increase your chance of being accepted.

Important Requirements

To get accepted into Harvard, you should work quickly and establish a remarkable portfolio. Here are the requirements:

1.    High GPA

Having a high GPA determines your acceptance into Harvard University. On average, you should have around 4.04% of your high school GPA to get accepted.

2.     Do well on SAT or ACT and AP tests

Achieving high scores on these tests will prove your academic preparations and achievements. As required by Harvard University, you must take two SATs, and the average should be 1510 from the total of 1600 score.

3.    Score well on the English language proficiency test

It is a requirement for non-native English speakers to appear on tests like TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS for the English Language examination. Harvard hasn’t set a minimum limit for the test score, but the higher score you get, the better it is because you’re applying for Harvard University.

Outstanding extracurricular activities

In addition to your academic excellence, your extracurricular activities play a part in expressing your potential. You can exhibit your incredible leadership skills by participating in Student Council and activism. Besides, through debates and theatres, you can also showcase your interests.

Essay, SOP, LOR

You need to pay extra attention to all required documents like SOP, essay, and LOR. Make sure to express your enthusiasm for your subject and getting into the university. Since the admission committee will review your SOP out of any documents, make sure to write it with utmost care and devotion.

What does Harvard look for in applicants?

Without any doubt, Harvard pays extra attention to every applicant and their capabilities during the selection process. Also, Harvard University has presented us with four criteria based on which they admit students. They are:

  • Growth and potential
  • Personal character
  • Contribution to community
  • Interest and activities

All of these factors are self-explanatory. It concludes that Harvard is looking for exceptional students who don’t let academics determine their worth and continue to showcase their capacities through various means.

Application tips for applying to Harvard

  • Take a look at these 4 tips that elevates your application and increase your chance to get accepted into Harvard:
  • Prepare well for the examinations that are required for admission.
  • Write an authentic SOP to display your ideas.
  • Speak of all your academic and extracurricular achievements.
  • Make sure to review your application before submitting it and fix any mistakes.

Documents required for Harvard’s admission

Students must possess the following documents to be suitable to apply for admission at Harvard:

  • A university application
  • Recommendation letters from two teachers at Harvard.
  • A school record along with a recommendation letter from your adviser.
  • High School Transcript
  • Completed essays for the admission
  • Your scores on SAT and ACT.
  • Score sheet from any standardized tests you’ve given
  • Minimum two SAT Subject tests
  • Application fee ($75)·   A midyear report
James Morgan