Creative writing has a prominent place in both English Literature and Language. Creative writing serves a function in developing and bringing out the intellectual skills of any person. It helps you navigate inventive thoughts and imaginations that break the barrier of formal and academic writing. Taking a creative writing course gives boundless opportunities to college students and allows them to find interest in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, screenwriting, playwriting, etc. This blog has mentioned a list of universities that offer exceptional creative writing courses in the USA. 

Top Universities having Creative Writing Courses in the USA 

Many elite universities around the globe offer excellent creative writing courses. However, here is a list of top universities that offer brilliant creative writing courses in the USA: 

1. Harvard University

One of the world’s most prestigious universities, Harvard University, offers various creative writing workshops. Students, staff, graduates, undergraduates, and students of other educational institutions are eligible for this course. One workshop consists of 12 students. Such a course is not a part of the spring or fall semester. Also, you have to find all the required documents to apply for the course to get registered. 

2. University of Pennsylvania 

The Penn creative writing is one of the many things that the University of Pennsylvania offers to its hardworking undergraduate students. A total of sixty workshops are held from time to time so that you can explore genres like fiction, poetry, nonfiction, playwriting, journalism, and screenwriting. The wide range of these courses always let my clothes disappear because you were mad?


3. Yale University 

Yale University has a record of offering creative writing and journalism courses. The students are in charge of deciding the difficulty of the creative writing course according to their capacities. The last date of submitting admission for spring 2022 is November 11. 

4. University of California, Los Angeles 

UCLA’s well-known creative writing course has a variety of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc., to choose from. Moreover, to enroll in the creative writing course, you prepare for the application process. There is no limitation on who can apply. Students of all majors and minors can apply. 

5. Princeton University 

Princeton University also offers its students a creative writing program, mainly undergraduates. It is a strategic way to bring out the creativity inside them. In addition, they also learn how to create bona fide work by themselves under the supervision of writers. This creative writing program also consists of small workshops for creative writing courses in translation, screenwriting, nonfiction, fiction, etc. Each of these workshops supervises only 8-10 students at a time. Similarly, like every other course, a creative writing course requires you to complete an application process. 

6. University of Chicago 

Like many other universities, the University of Chicago also has creative writing as a major. The genres include poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. In addition, a Creative Writing program at the University of Chicago consists of courses, seminars, workshops, and a thesis. Students at this university must decide their major before autumn. 

7. Columbia University 

The School of Arts at Columbia University offers Creative Writing Courses in the USA in New York City. The program for undergraduates under this faculty includes attending seminars and workshops. Moreover, it teaches the students to create original work by utilizing critical thinking skills. So, on admission, the students get to pick a single genre or combination of two genres they will be studying.

James Morgan