Applying for college and the college itself can be very stressful and expensive. If you are not good at managing your money and monthly budgets, then it may create more worries for you. But don’t worry too much! The good part is that you can get so much out of all the money-saving hacks out there. You can employ them, and you’re ready to save money and live a good life while being on a tight budget. In addition, you will have fun too! Here are 5 saving money hacks for college students.

5 saving money hacks for college students

1.   Applying for a 0 percent credit card will help

It’s a life-saving suggestion: Don’t use credit at all, only if possible. However, if things don’t work out for you and you have to use credit to stabilize your budget, look for a 0% purchase card. Such a card will help you greatly without charging any interest, meaning you will only have to pay the exact amount you spent. And when you prevail in paying off the balance, your 0% deal ends. 

2.   Grow your veggies and fruits 

Yes, this is an old-school tip, but it works great and helps you save so much money annually. If you have the facilities, meaning a good yard in a place where you live, or a place for hanging pots, then growing your fruits and vegetables will help you save a ton of money. You will not get all your essential supplies this way, but it would cover a lot of your food expenses. In addition, it is a fun and relaxing habit that would help you calm down after all the stress that college gives. 

3.   Try getting basics as gifts 

Even if you’ve entered college by now, your family and close friends are likely to give you tons of gifts on your birthday, Christmas, and other occasions that come by. Doesn’t it sound good to ask them for the basic things you need instead of other gifts that give you no benefit? For example, ask your parents to buy you your favorite textbook and your friends to get you some basic supplies for college. Besides such gifts would cost less than any other potential gift, so you don’t have to stress over it. 

4.   Learn sewing 

Once again, this may sound as old-fashioned as the other hack. But if your college offers free sewing or knitting classes, then take them! If you get hold of sewing by taking those free classes, you will fix up your clothes or create a new one from old stuff! It all concludes that you will significantly lower the amount you spend on clothing. In addition, what’s better than picking up a new skill for no cost! 

5.   Buy yourself a bike 

It’s perfect if you already own a bike because commuting to college, even if you live close to the campus, can be very costly, especially if you live in a state with high public transport fees. In this way, you can also save money that would have gone into buying a car. So buying a bike is a cheap option that helps you stay fit and healthy. Because of this benefit, you can also save the money you spend on the gym or fitness classes. However, you have to ensure that you invest in a bike that lasts you for a long time. And make sure to buy a good lock because bike thefts are so common on college campuses. 


The money-saving hacks mentioned above may not be the ones you expected, but by trying these 5 saving money hacks for college students, you will see a decreased budget by yourself. 

James Morgan