In recent years, distance learners continue to appreciate the convenience and flexibility of online courses due to the prevailing pandemic condition. Furthermore, virtual group work is likely to become a reality for many students in the coming year. The tips listed below are developed to assist students in navigating the usual challenges related to online group work and help them secure continued success.

1. Respect the contributions and time of classmates

During your online group work, remember to respect your group members’ ideas and use positive strategies to give feedback. Find ways to interact and coordinate with every member of the group. 

Time is one of the most valuable sources we have, and everyone has their time management methods. It’s essential to respect this fact throughout the project. For example, if you schedule a one-hour meeting, try to stick to the specified time limit. If you set a deadline for an appointment, stick to it. If you are late or have an unexpected disturbance, contact your classmates as soon as possible.

2. Make use of Plan

Planning is a valuable way to assemble the individual as well as the teamwork. Google Docs is an excellent platform for this procedure; it allows each team participant to include or modify materials at their convenience and keep track of all changes made in the document. Using Google Docs for the planning also creates a simplified central point, where you can do all online group work.

3. Begin Early in Online Group work

Schedule a virtual Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom meeting to connect your teammates as soon as possible. We all have busy schedules and different techniques for completing tasks. Therefore, it is best to start conferencing immediately. In this way, everyone can work at their own pace and feel comfortable in the team. 

Establish the time to cooperate and determine the best way to communicate with each other. Be mindful that some students might remain in various time zones, and plan your job accordingly. Microsoft Teams application is one of the best options for meetings because you can simultaneously use video conferencing and chat. The chat feature will save all the messages, which can be valuable for the employee who may not function synchronously. Some pupils likewise appreciate utilizing WhatsApp for interaction.

4. Divide as well as conquer

In your first interview, review the materials needed for your project and determine who will best fit to complete a particular task. In addition, set deadlines for each team member and final product.  

It will also be useful to organize future group meetings ahead of time, but remember that most of the work will be done independently. All group members should attend the first conference. Afterward, as long as most of the team can participate in the meeting, it can be tape-recorded for those who can’t join the discussion and reviewed later and leave remarks or inquiries.

5. Leave enough time before the due date for peer review

Before submitting, you must carefully check the work of your peers to ensure that the materials are accurate and comply with the teacher’s guidelines.

Furthermore, you intend to make sure the end product moves efficiently from beginning to end, despite which team member finished which component. A model group project should be presented and perceived as if one person executed it, even though it included numerous individuals. 

6. Be patient and understanding

Life is full of unpredicted challenges that affect students’ ability to complete work as expected. Thus, it is essential to be understanding when these obstacles or disruptions occur, as well as be patient while you or your colleague resolves them.  

If required, know when it’s time to hand out or pick up some responsibility for the advantage of the group. The experience of handling difficulties and interruptions is helpful to start the job and deal with a deadline. 

These six steps need to help trainees master digital group work, but remember to keep in touch with your professor throughout the procedure and also communicate any irresponsible actions as soon as possible to monitor problems early.

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