Do online course studies make things difficult to remember for you? You can improve by adopting the constructive online learning approach. Research data indicates that the online mode of education contributes more to self-directed learning, which is ideal for life-long learning. Here are the principal online student strategies for effective learning that needs consideration before commencing your virtual studies.

1. Remain Focused and Attentive

The crucial issue faced by most students studying online or in a traditional classroom is the lack of attentiveness. Students need to be mentally alert and stay focused for maximum absorption of learning materials. If you want to increase your attention span, then the Pomodoro technique” does wonders for you. Francesco Cirillo introduced this method, and it mainly focuses on setting up your task and, after achieving the task, taking a 5 minutes break. In this time break, treat yourself with things that make you happy and repeat this activity after completing further tasks. Thus, it not only increases your productivity but also improves the efficacy of cognitive domain areas.

2. Set Your Study Goals

“A man without an aim is like the ship without its rudder.”

Although this phrase seems peculiar, it shows the reality of life. So, set your goals on a daily basis as it is one of the most prominent online student strategies for effective learning. Developing the study goals provides you with multiple benefits that include self-motivation, boosting confidence, teaching preparedness and time management, and helps you to estimate your progress.

3. Create a Perfect Area for Study

Whenever you rushed to attend online classes, ensure that your environment would be clean, noise-free, and without any distractions. If you feel restless, you can listen to some music, take some snacks and drink water. In addition, you can also utilize different corners of your room that help you to remain active. According to The New York Times, there is the possibility that students fall behind and feel isolated in online studies. To avoid these conditions, create a devoted learning environment and keep things organized in your surroundings.

4. Get Some Rewards

The study shows that when you reward yourself for task accomplishment, you feel satisfied. Furthermore, when we are satisfied, the group of hormones (endorphins, dopamine, serotonin) collectively called “happy hormones” are released in our bodies. These hormones will bring positive energy and keep us motivated. So, always appreciate and treat yourself with rewards that make you happy.

5. Frequent Questioning and Class Discussions

It is also an important online student strategy for effective learning. The persistent questioning improves the awareness among students and encourages them to analyze the concepts critically. Moreover, it also bridges the gap between the book’s theoretical ideas and their practical implications. Active class participation enables the students to share their points of view and ideas with others. In this way, you get the chance to communicate with different students across the globe and broaden your learning perspective. We must opt for these two strategies, which ultimately lead to effective online learning.

6. Note-taking Habit

Actively making notes have a great impact on the students’ study skills. Students managed to listen as well as jot down important points during the online session. In addition, the things written by hands leave their mark and remain in our brain as long-term memory. So, whenever you attend your class, take a notepad or other digital app that you comfortably use and start synthesizing well-organized content.

7. “Use it or Lose it” Strategy

Retention of online course content is one of the biggest challenges for students. Students surveyed showed that practical implementation of the learned concepts helped them retain information. By using the ‘use-or-lose strategy, you set the knowledge into action by collaborating with your friends at the place of your employment. One method for the application of these concepts is through detailed online discussion. This way, concepts can be clarified and restated by students in their own words following active dialogue with friends. This is also an essential online student strategy for effective learning.


These effective online learning tips help you flourish your skills, give knowledge of new technology, and explore new learning methods. Follow all the above-mentioned online student strategies for effective learning to be a successful online learner through CollegeDegree.Education.