If we happen to look a few years back, people were aware of the blockchain. This term wasn’t as common as today it is. Blockchain is a system that stores records. A blockchain supports the operation of bitcoin. Blockchain is a digital network shared through various forms keeping the records of people’s transactions.

As technology never stops to prosper, this blockchain is a great innovation in the technology field. If we talk about the prominent application of blockchain, it’s quite visible in the cryptocurrencies. The role of blockchain in the education sector has quite a significant impact. Besides its implementation in cryptocurrencies, it can be implemented in the healthcare and education sectors.

We can conclude that blockchain in higher education has a significant influence on some prominent points. Here we discuss how this innovation of technology can affect education in 2020.

Maintenance of Student Records

Maintaining student records is no doubt laborious work. It can be quite hectic as it includes keeping complete students’ data, previous history, and much other information, which is sensitive content. It isn’t less than a blessing that we are born in an era where the human effort is minimized, and technology has taken hold of these time-consuming tasks. If we continue to list the advantages of blockchain, there are numerous unmentioned benefits of blockchain in the education sector. For instance, if we want to extract some information, we have to pass the lengthy processes—the extraction of records, signing stamping, and so much. However, with blockchain, it’s just a few clicks away.

Issuance of Degree, Diplomas, and Certification

The technology of blockchain has simplified the issuance of degrees and diplomas. So it’s quite evident that the role of blockchain in the higher education sector has fruitful results. If a student wishes to issue a certificate or degree now, he doesn’t need to request the issuance institute. Many institutes have started the online issuance of certificates, degrees, and diplomas. It’s the same as how we store the progress reports of students. They only provide you the link, and you will have your certification. This system helps us from the fraud of fake degrees and diplomas.

Storage of Files

As we talked about, storing sensitive data is quite an important task. So, it is necessary to have great storage space. Some institutes store the student information and degree, which would accommodate great space. Storing these data on local hard drives would consume a lot of space and is dangerous. If some damage occurs to the drive, you might lose your data.

Moreover, storing on clouds would not be a great option for every institute. In this case, blockchain proves its virtuousness by providing cloud services. This can prove its usefulness in storing large amounts of data.

Lessons and Courses

Another benefit of blockchain in education is the listing of courses and lessons online. You can perform certain tasks smartly through blockchain smart contracts. For instance, the teacher can upload all the lessons and lectures. They can schedule tasks and assignments for students. Through the intelligent system of blockchains contract, we can verify the completion of tasks. This way, students will also be able to receive their marks.

Human Resources

As we already viewed that how huge a role blockchain plays in education. Similarly goes for the employment field. The system allows storing data of the individuals. The data stored is under excellent protection of security protocols saving it from getting harmed. If we consider blockchain’s benefits in the employment field, it gets hard to verify one qualification authenticity. Through blockchain technology, it’s all solved. This system contains exact information about the candidates, and hence the identification of candidates is fulfilled.

To Conclude, the innovation of blockchain in our lives has dramatically affected us. We have got more systematic, organized work. The numerous benefits of blockchain in education have made things safe and well organized. We can’t help but agree that blockchain has proved to be very beneficial in the education sector.

James Morgan