Have you ever thought about how people’s work style in history has been entirely changed? What will be the future of the workplace in the upcoming years? What will be the future trends in the work environment?

All these questions are existing in our new generation’s minds! We all are curious to know how the information age evolution would shape our future work environments

The evolution of the workplace from the Stone Age to the Information Age has immensely surprised everyone. Humans made an explicit prediction about the work environment’s future trend from working with a stone-made wheel to Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Is Artificial Intelligence a friend or foe to Humans? – THE THOUGHT-PROVOKING QUESTION

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has steadily changed the personal as well as professional life of people. It has sped up the complex process by its cognitive abilities. 

Undoubtedly, AI will accelerate tasks, but it can not do jobs based on creativity, social ability, and emotional skills; therefore, AI will help humans focus on these tasks. Because of this, AI will make more space in the future of the workplace rather than reducing it. 

However, humans have to learn a new skill-set to align AI’s productivity, but – THIS COULD NOT BE EASY FOR EVERYONE.

In the future, humans will be entirely replaced in the decision-making jobs with AI, for industrial settings, customer care services like chat-bot, and within the finance sector. The decision to approve loans for any applicant or make a balance sheet for any project will also be made using AI. 

Lastly, AI will change every aspect of the workplace in the upcoming time. Therefore, despite being terrified of AI domination, try to accept its abilities and mold yourself according to its alignment. Slowly but surely, AI will make more space in the future of the workplace.

Data Science 

Data Science is a term used for “collecting, processing, managing, storing, and analyzing data.” Almost all current services like YouTube, Amazon, social media applications and search engine recommendations need data science.

According to a fact, only 15% of America’s population possessed computers, but in 2019, 96% owned at least a smartphone. This progress of trend can help us analyze the importance of data science in the future workplace.   

Facility optimization is the prime usage of data science in the workplace, which would be better as time passes.

Facebook Feed is one of the best examples to understand how data is essential to produce results. Facebook data sets remember what you have searched, what you have watched, and with whom you have interacted.

As 2050 is considered an alarming year for food security, data science will help farmers in the future for systemic growth and delivery and food suppliers to reduce food waste. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things has drastically impacted the finance sector, and it will continue its trend in the future. However, to analyze the future workplace environment regarding IoT, we can see a few evolutions in the current time. These are the following ahead:

– Printers that are on low ink or out of paper are ordered automatically.

– Regulation of various devices of air-circulation and lights with the user’s preference.

– Centralized security system works with identity verification services. Like the biometric system.

– Data transferring from one device to another in the account of the requirement of any procedure.

The IoT will entrust things and give room for humans to focus on different essential tasks. However, data entry through IoT will boost productivity. Machine-to-machine can assist in increasing efficiency regarding duties and reduce mistakes.  

Therefore, devices will be connected entirely, making user stress-free from data entry, and he/she will enjoy the performance of the task.

All the earlier-mentioned analyses of the future workplace regarding AI, Data Science, and the Internet of things will help us to mold ourselves for the upcoming time. 

Charles Darwin once said,

 “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

If we fail to align us with the workplace’s future trend, it would be challenging to work with them. It is better to accept the “new reality” and start working on oneself to become familiar with it.

James Morgan