Technological advances have changed the structure of the world when it comes to different aspects of life. These advances have left a significant influence on people’s education sector over the past few years.

If you have a look at the diversification era of the technological advances over the past ten years, then the results will quite amazingly shock you.

The phrase ‘extreme diversification’ will be perfect to describe it. The sudden and fast change in the forms of learning influenced by technological advances is proof of eLearning’s diversified evolution.

The traditional form of learning has now been left behind, and knowledge has become more dependent on technological resources. 

Due to the Corona virus’s current situation that made a hit at the end of 2019, virtual learning became the only source of support for learners. The world getting hit by the pandemic led to a more diversified form of the students’ learning trends. 

eLearning- a Boon or Bane?

eLearning has always benefited the people in every way. Online learning has always provided its perks to the people. 

Moreover, this form of learning helps people in various ways. This form of education is a savior for people in terms of an efficient and smart learning procedure. The addition of multiple sources to every topic is an advantage for the people. 

Additionally, this form of learning has always saved time, energy, and money for the people. It serves as a savior for the learners. People can learn irrespective of their geographical locations and have a brief understanding of preferring any teacher or resource worldwide.

eLearning is undoubtedly a boon for the people. It has benefitted them a lot throughout its evolution and will keep adding perks to learners’ lives. 


The trend of eLearning in the year 2010 was not too common. People of that era would have never expected the times of today. The people did not expect this kind of drastic change in the evolution of virtual learning. 

In 2010, the only eLearning that took place rarely was finding news at the maximum. The trend of learning through technological advances was never an option. 

The rarest eLearning that took place was the recorded lectures over a CD-ROM. People treated technological advances as a fun-part where sites like MySpace were the only entertainment introduced through technology.

Nobody in 2010 thought that technology will become crucial to us the way it is now. We never expected the evolution of learning this way.


This modern era is the most diversified stage of the evolution of eLearning. eLearning has become a significant part of the people living in 2020.

The pandemic times enforced the need for online learning even more than it was in the last year. 

Technological advances have led to the offering of almost every course online. Students can avail of free opportunities provided through the technology and can catch-up to learn from any corner of the world where the internet is accessible.  

Learning has been solely dependent on the e-sources due to the epidemic. Without any gadget, the life of a student feels incomplete. The learners are badly reliant on technology for their learning procedures.

This diversified evolution has more perks than its clashes. The only setbacks of this type of learning are the lack of human physical activity through online education.

To conclude, it would be righteous to conclude that the e-learning evolution has observed a hugely varied switch since the past ten years. The world has become dependent on technological advances when it comes to learning. Whereas, in the past ten years, this situation surprised most of us. So, eLearning now has become a significant part of the social learning trends.

James Morgan