Corporate Responsibility Programs are initiated by companies to ensure societal concerns; every firm plans to serve society’s people and fulfill society’s needs. Various ways can satisfy these needs of the community.

One way to fulfill society’s need is to serve the community with your business and provide them excellent services. The other way can be launching Corporate Responsibility Programs for the people.

These Corporate Responsibility Programs can be anything related to social work that helps society become a better place. Such charitable programs’ primary purpose is to make the world a better place for people to live. 

Here are corporate responsibility programs you can power being a CEO. Enjoy and inspire!

1.      Twitter- Child Literacy

Twitter launched its venture of selling wines. The purpose of establishing the venture was to promote child literacy. The Twitter team itself got deep into this social help venture. 

Each bottle of this wine produced by Twitter was sold to profit the ‘Room to read’; this is an international Non-governmental Organization that provides education to children worldwide.

2.      HP- Women Empowerment

HP, an American technology company, signed a partnership with an online university for the sole purpose of empowering women.

The company provided scholarships to a hundred women who topped in the designed procedure. The list of this partnership was to ensure the active participation of women in technological advances. This program was to make sure that women stand firm in modern times of technological advances.

3.       Xerox- Employee Volunteer Program

Xerox Company has introduced its Employee Volunteer Program over the last years. This charitable program launched by this company has created ease in serving the community.

The employees of the company collectively have raised millions of dollars to serve social causes. This amount donated by the company through this incredibly fantastic program has benefited the world a lot.

4.       Marriott International- LGTBQ community support

Marriott International Hotel has launched its diversity team project. This program comprises minorities in their workforce. 

The company realized that the LGTBQ community was lacking-behind and contributed its share by providing them job opportunities in their team. The company believes that change starts from within, so; they took this initiative to serve the LGBTQ community.

5.      Pantene- Social Stereotypes

Pantene has done its part of serving society by eradicating social stereotypes in women. This company delivers its message through its ads and social media campaigns. They created a hashtag #SorryNotSorry which got a big hit on Instagram. 

Moreover, this company works for the betterment of women and provokes them to stand for their rights. Pantene provides free and natural hair to cancer-fighting women to make them no less than anyone. Pantene never misses a chance to stand for women and their betterment. 

6.      Ben & Jerry’s- Environmental and social causes

Ben and Jerry’s, an ice-cream selling company, played its role in Corporate Social Responsibility by buying all its ingredients from the farmers. This company helps the farmers to overcome poverty by providing them an opportunity to trade.

Moreover, this company is an advocate of eliminating poverty in the labor force.

7.      The Lego Group- Child empowerment

Lego has fulfilled its Corporate Social Responsibility in the form of promoting child imagination and empowering them. This company has launched programs previously that had the purpose of pondering over innovative child thinking.

Moreover, the company signed a partnership with UNICEF to promote child empowerment. The company has donated millions of dollars for this cause.

To conclude, Corporate Responsibility Programs are the saviors of society. The world of humanity runs on these. Every CEO needs to play their company’s role in making the community a better one. 

James Morgan