What is MBA?

MBA stands for Master in Business Administration, and it is the most popular graduate business degree. It is an advanced level business degree that prepares students for leadership roles in numerous industries. This degree provides students with a holistic insight into business administration. It is up to the students’ will and desire to select the branches they want to pursue majors. The majors can be in Finance, Marketing, Management, Strategic Operations, and Business ethics.

What Are the Requirements for an MBA Degree?

Each university has its requirement regarding this degree. The most typical requirement for an MBA degree includes a previous 4-year or equivalent undergraduate bachelor’s degree. In many universities, it is a requirement for students to get the GMAT to assess their ability to pursue this degree. Moreover, Students who have some prior work experience of about 1-2 years have an edge in the application process. Furthermore, it is a requirement that candidates should write a personal statement that can help the university to assess their profile. After evaluating the profile, the universities grant an admission offer to the candidates.

What Are Future Prospects and Salary of MBA Degree?

After completion of this graduate degree, there are many job opportunities available. Graduates can become financial managers of companies, marketing managers that will involve setting a budget, marketing plans, and launching marketing campaigns. Moreover, suppose an MBA graduate has expertise in problem-solving. In that case, he/she can become a management consultant or a management analyst, which involves giving company recommendations to improve their cost and finances. Furthermore, this degree can land a job as an HR manager.

Therefore, it can be safe to say that an MBA graduate can have many job prospects, which are of commendable position. Consequently, due to their rigorous training and work experience, companies are likely to offer them attractive offers. According to PayScale, the mean salary for MBA graduates is $99,500. However, it can vary with the type of specialization of the graduate. For example, in several cases, graduates with innovation management expertise are likely to have an impressive salary compared to other disciplines.

Affordable Online Business Schools and MBA Program

An MBA degree can cost a lot each year. As a result, every student can’t earn it without having scholarships or a cheap alternative. Moreover, the increasing education cost has become a problem for many students, and due to this financial barrier, many students cannot pursue degrees they want to. Online Business School is a cheap alternative. Many business schools are accredited, and they provide online MBA degrees at a reasonable fee. Here we will discuss the Business schools which provide the most affordable Online MBA programs:

1.  First on the list is Georgia Southwestern State University that offers an affordable online MBA program. This program develops key competencies that can help an individual become successful. The annual fee is $3855, which is attractive for limited budget individuals. Moreover, it is rated as one of the affordable and best value accredited programs. Furthermore, $257 is the fees per credit hour after breaking down the fee structure, which sounds pretty attractive for individuals who want to pursue an MBA degree.

2.  Texas A&M University is the next on the list, which provides affordable online MBA programs designed for working individuals, catering to diverse backgrounds. GMAT is not necessary, but candidates must have a previous GPA of 3.5 or better. Moreover, the world report ranks it 109th out of 1200 according to their surveys. The annual fee for the online MBA program is $5370.

3.  The University of Nevada offers a 2-year online program that is popular among the business schools. It has AACSB’s accreditation. It ranks #33 according to records of world reports. It is affordable for candidates, and the annual fee is around $5500.

4.  Missouri State University offers affordable online MBA programs. There is a waiver for GMAT if the candidates exhibit a GPA of 3.25 or above. Likewise, it also has AACSB’s accreditation, and the world report ranks it as the top regional university in the Midwest. Furthermore, all the courses are online at an affordable fee of $6000.

5.    Fayetteville State University also provides online MBA programs with nine business concentrations. It also has AACSB’s accreditation, and Princeton review rates it as the top 20 business schools. It has a tuition fee of around $6500, and it is designed for business professionals to earn a degree at a low cost.

6.  Arkansas State University offers a 100% online degree for distant learners to prepare them for business leadership careers. It has accreditations from the relevant organizations, and the degree costs around $6500. Moreover, it requires GMAT scores and the transcripts of previous institutions for admission.

7.  Last on the list is Oklahoma State University, which provides an online MBA degree for working professionals. It requires a 4-year bachelor’s degree and competitive GMAT scores for admission. It has all the necessary accreditations, and the tuition fee is less than $10000.

James Morgan