The sun is shining, a lot of the students are outside (maybe your own kids too!) And you have worked hard this year; There are several reasons why it can be difficult to take your time in the summer to maintain the learning momentum. However, keeping a sharp mind and staying in school has never been more important. Here is how you can avoid the summer learning loss and instead opt for the summer learning gain as you get closer to your graduation:

Read read read

You have invested a lot (time, money, energy) in everything you have learned so far. One strategy for obtaining and developing this information is to read it over the summer. There’s a reason elementary and middle schools often suggest summer reading programs for students. Take a page from your book and set reading goals even in the summer. Whether you want to read 30 minutes a day or complete a number of books, the most important thing is that you use this tool to stay alert.

Get a head start in the next semester

Are you taking a break during the summer, but would you like to continue focusing on your topic? By knowing which classes you will be taking in the fall, you can ask in advance if it will be possible to receive your textbooks or a teacher recommended reading list. Even if you haven’t already registered for the course, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with some of its basic requirements so that you are ready to cover these topics when taking your online course.

Take summer courses

While online beginner students typically start in the fall, winter, or spring, advanced students can take classes during one of two summer sessions. If you are already an online student, you still have time to register for the second summer session. Don’t wait, registrations for Summer Bend on June 22.

Double the effort to put knowledge into action

If you really want your learning to be in full swing this summer, there are a few options for more intense academic or professional research. Trying out a scholarship, internship, research, or study abroad program can add abundant hands-on learning to your summer. While they are all time consuming, they might be your most viable options for adding in-demand experience to your resume before you graduate and enter the workforce.