If you are an online student, much of your learning is done on the Internet. With it, you are just one click away from serious procrastination apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But you can also use the power of social media for online learning forever. This is how it goes:

Turn your classroom into an online group

Facebook is all about inviting friends, sharing, posting, and staying in touch. Create a page for your class and invite the students and your teacher. You can post appointments and reminders, exchange links and ideas, and ask questions of the group.

Share notes and group projects

Microsoft Teams and Dropbox are designed to work together on projects. You can add your class or project team, upload files, comment and review documents, and access and edit presentations with the group.

Keep all class resources in one place

Pinterest, Tumblr, and Dropbox are great for uploading and storing reference files such as articles, schedule, and other reference material.

Learn beyond the classroom

Social media is great for researching projects and jobs and bringing new ideas to the classroom:

Use Twitter to find experts in your field to follow and ask questions. Also, use it to search for hashtags relevant to the course.

YouTube is full of educational videos.

Join LinkedIn as a student and invite people from your field of study to network. You can send them messages of information, advice, and contacts.

 Social media isn’t a distraction, it can help you stay on track in your classroom, collaborate with your classmates, get the most out of your teachers, and expand your learning from experts in your classroom. field. Also, sometimes you can take a mental break from schoolwork. Don’t forget to resume your duties.