Just because it’s more flexible to graduate online doesn’t mean it’s easier. Indeed, reconciling work, family and school can be quite a challenge.But there’s a reason you are going back to school and the opportunities you have after you graduate are worth it. There are also ways to do whatever it takes to operate effectively and efficiently. Here are some steps you can take to stay focused and productive.

Plan ahead and prioritize

When many things are happening in different areas of your life, it’s easy to walk through the crisis right before your eyes. Unfortunately, this is not the most effective way to stay on track. What you need is a plan.

Make a weekly program

Write it down on a planner (or on an Excel spreadsheet). Block out the things you need to do every day, such as: For example, taking the kids out of school, having dinner … and also time for studying and working on projects. Of course, your work has a fixed schedule and you need to correct that as well. And don’t forget to schedule downtime, perhaps for your favorite show or to hang out with friends. Go on schedule and stick to it – or try as often as possible.

Check in to school every day

Even if only in the queue or during business disruptions. Daily check-in will keep you up to date with what’s going on with the class and make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Rule of three

As you plan your time, write down 3 tasks to complete each day. When you’re done, add it to your favorites – it feels good. When you are done with your tasks, create a new one. This way you can see your real progress and you won’t feel overwhelmed if you do too much at once.

Make the clothes work for you

When you’re at home and want to postpone work at school, it’s easy to think about unnecessary chores you need to do. However, you can change your mindset to make this time productive. The laundry takes a set time, so you can work 45 minutes to wash a load and then the drying time. Unlike other multitasking tasks that can distract you and lose your focus, this is where you turn unnecessary tasks into conscious productive time.

Don’t do too many things at the same time

Instead of trying to multitask, you’ll be more efficient if you focus on one job at a time. Studies show that it is difficult to change lanes frequently. Going from teamwork at your workplace to helping your child with homework and taking online classes requires a whole different mindset. The more you can do one thing before moving on to another, the more efficient you will be at each task.

Use psychology

We have ways to help you learn.

If you tend to hesitate, think of yourself as a productive person who gets things done first. It’s one of those times where you “fake it until you can,” but it really works.

Pants: Also known as “will not work in pajamas”. Working from home in an online degree can be easy to get comfortable with, but you’ll feel more focused and productive when wearing real clothes.

Don’t just listen to lectures and watch videos – take notes. Writing it down helps you internalize what you are learning. By the way, he teaches it too. So when you have learned something new, explain it to your spouse or friend.

Learn about good study habits. There are many blogs, articles, and books on the best way to study. Get in the habit of reading about it regularly, even for 15 minutes a day. You will receive tips and tricks that will improve your studies and grades.

Listen to “good” music. Good music, ambient noise, or white noise can help you learn smarter. Stay away from loud music, lyrics with catchy lyrics and beats that distract your brain.

 Try to make the most of the material you are learning. I know the process is easy to see as a job and I just want to complete the project or lesson, but there is a reason why you chose your program online. These things should interest you. Take the time to appreciate the trip, not just its completion.