Summer as an online student poses a unique question: is it better to keep the course and take summer courses, or spend a few months looking for a different learning experience? Whether you decide to take your classes and move on to graduation, or stretch your mind and accept something new, here are some ways to spend your summer student online:

1. Try an internship.

Summer is a great time to try out a new industry, explore a future career path, or develop skills outside of the classroom (or the classroom portal!). The advantage of internships is that they are generally relatively flexible and do not always take a lot of time. Some even offer course credits or rewards. This means that you can reallocate the hours you would have spent on online courses during an internship to gain hands-on experience that you might not otherwise have.

2. Do some research on a topic that interests you.

One way to supplement your studies is to do a research project. If you’ve taken a course that has influenced you a lot in the past year, you can see if your teacher is ready to help you with some independent research over the summer. While you might need a break from your regular online classes, it is possible to study an interesting topic and even become an expert in the field. Who knows? With a proactive approach, you might even get a job before you graduate!

3. Travel or study abroad.

If you have some free time during the summer, you can study abroad or explore a new area you haven’t been to, even if it’s nearby. While it can be a bit more difficult to present yourself as an online student enrolled in a study abroad program, you can take proactive steps to achieve this. Speak with an academic advisor to find out if your degree is suitable for short-term study abroad. Getting to know new cultures, new people and new ways of life can be a valuable learning experience in itself and gives you the opportunity to learn while unplugging.

4. Take more classes to complete your studies.

If at the end of the day you know the best decision for you is to continue taking classes, do it! Every student on the internet is different, and while some look forward to a summer break, others prefer to move on and do it so that they can graduate on time or even sooner.