Can an online degree help me make a career transition?

Have you ever dreamed that your life could be different if you specialized in online IT diploma rather than university marketing? Traditional students must specify a specialization between 18 and 22 years of age and acquire the skills necessary to succeed in your field of study. But what happens when you enter the 1930s and your career goals have changed since then? Of course, it’s okay to guess from time to time, but if you seriously want to turn your curiosity into a career center, it can be worth graduating.

Job changes are common. According to a press release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019, a survey of baby boomers found that adults change jobs about twelve times in their lives. But if you already have a bachelor’s degree, shouldn’t that be enough to get a job in a field? Not necessarily.

Why Graduate School?

“Career advancement is a key factor for professionals who choose to study,” said Amy Gieseke, Ed.D., dean of continuing education, graduate studies, and online programs at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. “The careers of Changer also pursue university training to acquire the expertise and skills necessary to change careers. For example, adults who have always wanted to teach can return to school in Simpson to obtain a Master of Arts in Teaching. (MAST). Students participate in Simpson’s MAT program from various professions and are eager and willing to teach in our communities. “

Whatever the reason for your desire to change careers, keep in mind that this is unlikely to happen overnight. Although it is impossible to predict how long the process will take, your chances of finding a new job can be improved by including a diploma in your CV. In addition to learning new skills, building a new network of contacts, and increasing your earning potential, obtaining a diploma shows employers that you are committed to succeeding in your field by choosing to invest in your training.

Before participating in a graduation program, find out which shipping method best suits your lifestyle. Are you concerned about the financial commitment? Look for programs that offer tuition transfer in the form of assistant positions. Some internships also pay a scholarship or offer contributions to health insurance premiums. Do you have children at home that you need to take care of? Check out online courses that don’t require physical classroom support. Thanks to technology, there is now more than one way to graduate.

Are standardized test results required?

Contact approval representatives to find out if standardized test results are required for your program. General test results requested by graduate programs include GRE, GMAT, LSAT, TOEFL, MCAT, and PCAT. Do you need help learning? 

The success story of career transition

Shannon Biehl received a Master of Finance from CSU Global in January 2020. Biehl’s journey to higher education began with the announcement from his employer that his administrative position would soon be cut due to budget cuts. After taking the time to look for new career opportunities, Biehl examined the qualifications that employers in his area of ​​interest often demand.

Before deciding to change jobs, I analyzed the jobs for which I wanted to determine exactly the experience they needed. I knew it would be difficult to make a change without work experience, so I made sure to match my diploma and classes with the job I wanted.

After focusing on a career in finance, Biehl used the knowledge gained from his online courses to impress HR managers and job interviews.

“Attending the doctoral school helped me receive the additional training that I lacked in my professional experience. I even took a lower position to gain work experience, knowing that this would complete my diploma.