This online physics degree offers liberal science education in a variety of physical phenomena. You will learn the basic concepts of matter and energy, which are fundamental for most branches of science.

In one of the few online bachelor degrees in physics in the country, you will get a solid foundation for the basics of physics with introductory courses in mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, wave optics and physics modern. The online degree in physics at the university level mirrors the campus program, with the same rigorous teaching in high-quality online courses.

What can I do with an online degree in physics?

The Bachelor of Physics is a great way for teachers who want to teach advanced physics in high school, students looking for careers in laboratory assistant positions in physics, computer science, and engineering. Graduates of this online physics degree can acquire jobs in the fields of bionics, photonics, audio technology, software development, and pharmacy. Students who wish to study physics may need additional physics courses from the higher department, depending on the course to which they wish to apply.

Can I do a physics degree online?

Yes As a student in the BA program in physics, you have the possibility of emulating experimental conditions on your computer screen in an advanced laboratory course with the same alignment protocols and the same experimental restrictions as in the personal lesson. There is also an online version of the electronics lab where you can purchase an inexpensive kit to perform sophisticated electronic experiments using your computer. The online program offers an elective course in modern physics, which deals with special relativity and a complete overview of quantum mechanics, as well as a credit course in Python programming.

BA against BS in Physics

The Bachelor of Physics is a flexible option for students who wish to study liberal arts with a broad knowledge of physics. A degree in physics is for students seeking additional knowledge in physics from the point of view of intensive math and science programs and a degree in engineering, mathematics or physics. Graduates of the baccalaureate in physics who wish to enter graduate studies may need to take additional courses to qualify for certain programs related to mathematics or physics.