Hybrid studies allow students to combine face-to-face courses with online courses and training. These master blended learning classes are the ideal option if you don’t want to graduate exclusively online because you also want to take advantage of some of the typical campus vibes. But did you know that blended learning programs can also lead to a double degree?

This means that you acquire two qualifications by completing only one master’s degree in mixed learning at the same time required for a single specialization. We can already imagine him as an expert in biology and education. Or whatever combination you are looking for.

Mixed studies in a university environment.

You really want to study more subjects. You are not the type to limit yourself to an interest. However, due to his situation, he is currently unable to obtain a full double degree on campus. Fortunately, there are combined programs that can help you achieve your dreams. The good thing about high school graduates and combined teachers is that they are grounded in the real environment of a university, college or other educational institution and combine study experience online with real learning in a university environment.

Another great advantage of a double hybrid diploma is that you can be flexible by taking courses in two different disciplines. You may be able to take most of your introductory courses online and then be immediately admitted to a dual program.

Not to mention that a double or double degree can help you find a great job after graduation, a job you may not have obtained with a degree in a subject.

What distinguishes a double degree from the others.

A double degree means that you have two degrees at the same time. For an online dual degree program, you do not have to meet all of the general requirements defined individually for each major or specialization. Instead, you must add 30 to 40 credits beyond the general program requirements.

A double degree is similar to an “accelerated learning program” for which students can apply for both secondary and higher education. In an accelerated learning program, students can improve their progress and improve their knowledge on a subject by taking optional or additional courses on the subject.

Why should you choose a double degree through mixed education?

The most common and obvious reasons for choosing a distance education program with a double degree are: You will receive two degrees at the same time required for one degree. You have more career and job opportunities. They acquire a variety of skills that most companies look for in a potential candidate.

Take up the challenge of combined masterclasses

Some potential students do not wish to take these double hybrid courses because they recognize that they will require a significant amount of work. However, with good organizational skills and a passion for understanding the different ways in which your core area can be applied in an interdisciplinary manner, you will appreciate the hard work and planning required to pass a double degree. We say: keep going!