News often reports on magazines and print newspapers by doubling and reducing staff and the way the digital space governs with the premium website and subscription content and news coverage. Why is an online journalism degree still valid in the dry landscape of the print media?

Although the Internet is king, it also has some problems with its royal subjects. Online writers and bloggers do not need credentials or titles to make their content public on the Internet, and most of these people post erroneous opinions and opinions that are neither reviewed nor changed. (And no, Twitter is not a credible news agency.)

The truth is that although good journalists seem to be a dying race, good journalists still have merit in the media and publishing world, and your bachelor’s degree can do much more than writing and edit copies. Here are five good reasons why online journalist title is always important.


1. You will discover the traditional practices of the journalism industry.

This includes fact-checking, processing, basic research, research, and theoretical objectivity of the content. Most social media posts and opinions do not go through a rigid editorial cycle, so they can follow some or all of these processes. Online Graduate journalists will adhere to the protocol, and media agencies and businesses looking to create high-quality content for the Web or their clients will take full account of those with the skills.


2. You will be versatile.

In the fast-paced world of media communication, wearing different hats is helpful. Often the person with a wide range of skills wins because budgets can be as tight as schedules and deadlines. In a journalism course, students learn to write for different target groups, to write for all types of media, from traditional printing to video and on all platforms such as mobile devices, social media, and products for consumers and more. You will also learn basic photography and video skills to diversify your portfolio.

3. You have a competitive advantage.

No matter where you work, online journalism is very competitive. If you are a graduate of an accredited program, you can network and create a community of valuable contacts who will remember you as soon as you join the field, etc. Maybe you can help get the job of your dreams.

4. It can branch out into other areas with a journalism degree.

It will not be limited to the simple writing of texts or the creation of ingenious blurs of art on paper on Friday, because it has the educational bases to jump in related professional fields. Examples of this include media communication courses, domestic or foreign correspondence work, television news production, media communication management, book publishing, writing grants, technical writing. or careers specializing in public relations.


5. Ethics.

One thing credible employers appreciate is the ethical sense. We hear of defamation lawsuits and plagiarism in the journalism and media industries, and of companies that pride themselves on the value of employee integrity who understand the need for a professional code of ethics in their work. Those who take the time to take journalism seriously and complete a curriculum will be trained and integrated into the nine principles of journalism which, according to the Research Center, include principles focused on the subject of journalists’ commitment to the truth. , Loyalty to citizens and the discipline of review, among others.

Now that you know that an online journalism degree offers more value and variety than you could have imagined since you are choosing to go back to school to improve your life, why not go far and the mediocrity of rural areas overcome? Excellent in your work? Not only will you feel the innate feeling of satisfaction and pride in a good job, but employers will likely recognize your high standards and hard work.