Are you looking for a profitable idea for an online course? Finding a popular online course topic may be a crucial initiative to creating money online. In this article, we will share a list of profitable niches with 5 best online course niches in 2020. To help you find the most profitable online course idea, we have compiled this list of profitable niches.

We have included the most popular online course topics and profitable niches with little competition on the list.

1. Computing and technology

In the age of technology, it becomes necessary to understand and master the use of technology in its many forms. Technology is not only a tool to improve and improve our daily tasks, but also a means of creating businesses and other sources of income.

2. Business and entrepreneurship

Today, there is a great demand for courses to monetize their hobbies. In other words, make money with something you love. These subjects, which combine leisure with business and entrepreneurship, are in high demand, especially given the constantly growing market for freelancers and new businesses.

3. Health

People have become very health conscious in recent years, and there is a growing volume of health-related news and media on the Internet.

People are now better informed or at least aware of the effects of food, lifestyle, and consumption on the human body. With the increase in the number of people suffering from health-related illnesses due to poor health choices, many people are now more proactive in improving their health.



Online courses not only offer industry-specific learning but also education-related topics. eLearning courses are also requested, which cover the different modes and methods of learning and teaching.

With globalization, learning is no longer limited to what has been taught in formal education but includes interdisciplinary and multiplatform teaching and learning methods.

5. Personal development

Personal development has become a very popular online course topic. With today’s fast-paced society, people have been shown to be in constant need of improvement and more.

With personal development classes, people learn to tackle their daily challenges, reduce stress and develop important skills for a happier life.