1. Provide an effective alternative route to wider opportunities in education and in particular higher education:

There are different categories of potential students. There are people who have never been able to enter university. There are some who only need additional knowledge in a particular discipline. There are others who need refresher courses to keep up with the latest developments in their perfection. Distance or distance learning is necessary for everyone.onlinecollegedegree provides you a best and unique platform to get any kind of distance learning with our vast online programs and courses.

2. Provision of educational facilities for all qualified and willing people:

The purpose of distance courses is to provide educational facilities to all qualified and willing individuals who, for various reasons, are unable to attend college and other courses. There is a constant search for an alternative system for them, and this system is distance learning.

3. Offer to educated citizens who are ready to improve their knowledge opportunities for academic activities:

Many students, young and old, cannot afford to join the education system because of their personal and professional responsibilities. For these types of people, some distance learning arrangements should be made. The objective is therefore to create opportunities to improve the level of knowledge and learning through continuous training on the job.

4. Provision of educational facilities for those who consider education as a permanent activity:

Distance learning facilities are necessary for those who see education as a lifelong activity or who wish to acquire knowledge in a new field. Because lifelong education is at the forefront in all phases of life. In this context, the 1986 report on national education policy is worth mentioning.

NPE-1986 reported that Lifelong education may be a valuable objective of the tutorial process.This requires universal literacy. Young people, housewives, agricultural and industrial workers, and skilled workers have the opportunity to pursue the training of their choice at the right place. The future dynamic will go towards open learning and distance education.